Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Pixel Shavings Bookmark

Announcing our new bookmark! 
All five Pixel Shaving's illustrators feature on it and it's perfect for marking those books.

Here's a closer look ...

Cute, huh? 
If you would like one of these awesome bookmarks (or even two) drop an email to and we will snail-mail to you.

Three of the Pixel Shaving's gang (Hazel, Sheralyn and Debbie) will be out and about at the Los Angeles SCBWI summer conference this weekend and guess what? They will have postcards, so stop them and get yours!

Thanks to Russ Cox for designing. 
This is our second promotional piece as a group. 
Look out for a new Pixel Shaving's postcard later in the year and collect the set!

Drop by next week for more great illustrations from Florida based illustrator and writer FRED KOEHLER.

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  1. Excellent place you have here. I have requested my bookmark/bookmarks. I will drop by next week. :-)

  2. Thanks Robyn! We will get the bookmarks to you!