Thursday, November 18, 2010

Winter's Coming.....

by Sheralyn Barnes

Two weeks from today I will be waking up in my new space in St. Paul, Minnesota. It's the third time that I have moved there in the winter. I am crazy. It is 60 degrees and rainy here in Louisville today. Last week, Minnesota got 10 inches of snow. However, as much as I have loved the mild climate of Louisville where I have lived for the last 2 years, I am looking forward to watching the snow fall on St. Paul's Cathedral at dusk again. I am looking forward to the magical feeling that the silence of snow casts on a city at night. As much as I love the year-round green of the Magnolia and Holly trees here, I am also looking forward to being back around those hearty Burr Oaks and Birches! Everywhere has it's beauty. So, as I think of my wimpy self going back yet again to the cold north, I am posting another illustration from my current project. Here is my hero. He is an anxious guy who may not always seek out the challenges for himself, but shines when they find him.

Thanks for checking in!


  1. I love the simplicity of this one Sheri, and the cool winter colours :-)


  2. You did a great job of capturing the cold and blustery atmosphere. Love the colors and composition.

  3. I really like the colors here and love the trees in the background. Great job!!!!