Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Selling lemonade to alligators

from Fred Koehler

So my day job is in advertising design, and I recently wrapped up a project that forced me to put a lot of emphasis on the intention of negative space and broad fields of color within a layout. Here's how that translated into a recent illustration concept.

I'm still learning a lot as an illustrator, so I'm definitely open to (kind) constructive criticism about what works and what could still use some help. Cheers.



  1. I love the design but not the color choices - could a light, bright, limey green be the color of the land? (No offense meant Hazel, with the limey suggestion!)

  2. Hi Sharon (Queenie) this post was made by Fred Koehler, so alas I cannot take credit for it! This is our new group 'GLOG'so you will be seeing art from different artists here ...

    FRED - I love it ... the expression on the little guys face and the implied action of the parent elephant! Brilliant!

  3. I too love the design, but not the brown color to the left. "Selling Lemonade to alligators" is a great title. I think I can make out a wee bit of yellow with the escaping little fellow. Missed it before.

    I think it's... you're brilliant... so what the heck!
    Cheers, Pen I gotta go vote!

  4. Hey Fred, I really like this piece. AND I like the brown. If the color were any brighter it would be a detraction from the main elements. I like the tension the shoreline and water create but was curious if a snout of one gater could break it to give the eye a complete flow.

  5. I like how you think, Russ. Good idea.

  6. I like the idea of the gator breaking the line too ...

  7. Love it Fred! I agree with Russ. I like the colors as well. That tension idea with the snout is cool.
    Kind of feeling like the elephant today! Glad I have so many good friends with strong trunks to help me out!!!!