Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Sleepy Little Elephant by Fred Koehler

Baby close your eyes,
The moon's about to rise.

Your day has been much longer than
you'll ever realize.

Another day is done,
It's setting with the sun

And as you dream the stars will bring
to you another one.

So baby, close your eyes.

:-)  -fk

Check back next week to hear from Sheralyn Barnes.


  1. Fred, love it - especially the progression..

  2. I'm getting very sleepy...
    Great image Fred....great characters, just plain great! Thanks for sharing your process on it. I love what I've seen of this book and I can't wait to be standing in line for you to sign it someday!

  3. Inspiring post, Fred! Great lyrical words and happy imagery - fun to read, and fun to look at!