Wednesday, March 30, 2011

STRIKE! by Sheralyn Barnes

I've drawn yet another sheep this week. It seems that most every posting I've done here lately has sheep. I do draw other's just been a bit of a labor of love with the little guys lately.

I love my characters, but lately I've been taking note that they tend to be a lot like me.... a bit passive and reserved...even when they are getting into trouble. They don't tend to overreact or have emotional outbursts. So, I've decided it's time to really study the fine art of character design, with hopes that I can learn to give my guys a bit more of a voice and an attitude if the right situation should arise. At least then they might be prepared. And who knows, maybe if I can teach them how to be excited and ready to dance at the drop of a hat, maybe, just maybe, I'll follow suit!

So here is my first attempt. I decided to challenge myself to try to draw a character simply, with no shading and just lines to show action and emotion. I still have a ways to go before they are dancing on the tables, but bowling seemed like a decent start. I was trying to draw on some form of excitability from my own past. Being a kid who enjoyed long walks in the rain, drawing, watching my fish, and reading, there was not a lot personal action-packed experience to draw on. However, I used to bowl on the Saturday morning kids bowling league (mainly so I could eat pizza at 10 in the morning). By twelve-year-old standards, I was a pretty good bowler. In fact, put me in a bowling lane or in a good game of table top air hockey and I can still get a bit competitive and have even been known to “whoo whoo” and cuss here and there.'s a start. Maybe I'll have them dancing soon! 

 Thanks so much for checking in!


  1. Cute! This'd make a great animated gif. :-P

  2. Thanks Fred!
    This was my first attempt at a sequence with a character and after the fact, I was kind of thinking of using it as a template for trying my hand at an animated bit for practice. I technically have all the software tools, just need to expand the brain skills!

  3. Love this post, Sheralyn! And I agree with Fred: this sequence would make a great animated clip. I'm trying to each myself some animation skills, too.

  4. Thanks Debbie! you both got me hooked on the idea of working this guy up a bit more into an animated sequence! It's so great to have the comradery of this glog with you! You're all so inspiring. Thanks! Big grin.