Tuesday, January 25, 2011

"Almost Giant" by Fred Koehler

I did the sketch for this illustration about two years ago. Last night, I came a step closer to finishing it. I started this journey alone. Today, through the SCBWI, I've had the pleasure of meeting and being critiqued by a myriad of phenomenal artists such as Dan Santat, Janeen Mason, all of my friends here at Pixel Shavings and most recently Caldecot winner Paul Zelinsky. I believe I'm taking significant steps forward as a storyteller, and I owe a debt of gratitude to each of you. We do stand on the shoulders of giants, and I just want to say "thanks" for offering me a leg up. Cheers.


  1. I LOVE this one Fred!

    Feel pretty darn lucky myself to know you and all the other "happy to helpers" that I've met through SCBWI!